Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Coral Castle - A Mystery Just South of Miami

Coral Castle Museum
If you are someone who loves trying to figure out the unexplained, you definitely don't want to miss the Coral Castle Museum.

Just South of Miami in Homestead, FL, you can drive to Coral Castle in about a half hour. There, you'll see what many call a modern day miracle - a castle built from more than 3 million pounds of coral - all by one man using very rudimentary tools.

The subject of various documentaries, nobody knows how Edward Leedskalnin built this amazing structure and the unique objects within the sculpture garden. Using the best modern machinery, experts say that they are not able to lift the rocks. How a small frail man did it all by himself with no equipment at all is a mystery that has never been solved.

Ed Leedskalnin built this entire place in secret, not allowing anyone to see how it was done. When asked, he said it was done using principles very similar to those used to build the ancient pyramids in Egypt. When pressed for further explanation, Ed would reveal nothing more.

Children like climbing around the various pieces inside of the museum. Adults like pondering the inexplicable. If you're in the Miami area and looking for something totally different to do, head on down to Coral Castle Museum and see if you can figure out how one man built this all by himself in just 17 years and then moved it all to its present location in just a matter of days.

Sunday – Thursday 8 am – 6 pm
Friday & Saturday 8 am – 8 pm

Adults (ages 13 – 64) $15.00
Seniors (ages 65+) $12.00
Children (ages 7 – 12) $7.00
Children (under age 7) Free

For more information, check out the In Search Of documentary, below:

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