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Miami History Tours - Far From Boring, They Are Great Things To Do In Miami!

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I'll admit it. History was not my favorite subject in school. Memorizing a bunch of names and dates about things that happened in the past was pretty boring and I just didn't see how any of it was relevant to my life.

It wasn't until I attended college and had history professors who had a way of making all past events seem relevant to the things that were happening currently that I finally understood the importance of history and how fascinating it really could be.

For those who are looking for something truly unique to do in Miami and who have an appreciation for history, there's really nothing better at all to do in Miami than to take a History Miami tour.

History Miami was founded in 1940 as the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. After several moves, they found their final home in downtown Miami inside of the the Miami-Dade Cultural Center. Accredited as an official affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute, History Miami has access to various collections and traveling exhibits from the nation's premier museum.

Aside from their museum collections, History Miami is also known for its educational programs and its tours, which are second to none. They offer walking, bus, bike and boat tours of the area that are anything but boring.

Dr. Paul George has been conducting these fascinating tours of the Miami area for more than two decades and he has become almost as iconic as some of the people and events that he talks about during the fascinating journey into Miami's past. All depending on the tour you take, you will learn about Miami architecture, some of the historical people responsible for developing the Miami area, black history, Miami art or, perhaps the most popular tour, one that explores the history of Miami mafia activity and Al Capone.

These tours are extremely popular and I cannot emphasize strongly enough that if you would like to go on one of History Miami's excellent tours, you absolutely need to reserve them in advance. They all sell out, often weeks or even months ahead of time. You can book History Miami city tours online, or by calling 305-375-5792, Monday–Friday from 9am to 5pm, or by Emailing them l at

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