Monday, September 22, 2014

Miami's Con Sabor A Mexico - Simply The Best Tacos You Will Ever Eat!

tacos de carnitas
Tacos de Carnitas
"If you are looking for the best tacos you've ever had in your entire life, head over to Con Sabor A Mexico."

That's what Geraldine, who works at Amigo's Car Rental, told us and boy was she right!

Con Sabor A Mexico serves one thing and one thing only - tacos. These aren't just any old tacos, though. This is the only place in all of Miami where you can buy authentic carnitas. The pork is so tender, it falls apart in your mouth!

If you are looking for ambiance, you're not going to find it at Con Sabor A Mexico. Con Sabor A Mexico is the type of place you might walk by every day and not even notice. This little hole in the wall in Miami's Little Havana is a place only locals know about and they flock to the place. There is a counter inside and folding tables and chairs outside. You can eat outside or get your order to go.

The menu is entirely in Spanish and, although most of the restaurant staff only speaks Spanish, usually at least one of the servers speaks English as do many of the patrons. Everybody - restaurant and customers, alike - are super friendly, so don't sweat it even if you don't know a word of Spanish. You'll get by just fine!

Whether you try the tacos campechanos, tacos surtido, tacos de carnitas, cuerito tacos (the owner's favorite) or any of the other taco variations, you will not be disappointed. Although they specialize in pork tacos, the beef and chicken tacos are sensational, too!

You won't find a coke or iced tea here; all of the beverages are Mexican. If you want to try something truly divine, order a Horchata. It's a creamy cinnamon beverage that is out of this world!

Con Sabor A Mexico does not take credit or debit cards, so make sure you have cash on hand. It's a super affordable place; though, tacos only cost between $1.75 and $2.00.

Located at 542 SW 12th Ave. in Miami, Con Sabor A Mexico is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and is closed on Monday.

Andres Tovar, the owner and a native of Central Mexico, says his slogan is "las únicas y las mejores," meaning "the only and the best." We couldn't have said it better, ourselves!

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