Friday, October 31, 2014

Blackbird Ordinary - A True Local Miami Bar

Interior of Blackbird Ordinary - photo courtesy of
If you're tired of the plastic pretense of the South Beach scene and looking for a regular neighborhood bar where locals go to drink, dance and simply have a good time, there are few places that fill that bill as well as Blackbird Ordinary. Amigo's Car Rental's Maria Lorena loves this place!

Located in the Brickell district, Blackbird Ordinary is an extraordinary place to hang out with friends or meet new ones and groove to the music - an eclectic mix from the past three decades (pop, funk, classic rock, soul, Latin).

Grab a board game from the shelves, play a game of pool or bean bag toss and order up a drink. The drinks are made with fresh ingredients grown right there in a garden and they are made just right. They are also relatively inexpensive when you compare them to the prices that the club scene charges for drinks.

Unlike many trendy Miami bars, this isn't a clique scene where you need a huge entourage to fit in. You can go there by yourself, meet new people and have a great time. In addition to the inside bar, there are two patio bar areas outside where you can chill out and people watch. If you feel like just sitting and talking, that's cool; if you want to dance, there are plenty of people doing that, too.

A word of warning. This is a very popular bar - especially late night/early morning on the weekends. While it is easy to find a place to sit and chat up until 10:00pm or so, there are frequently long lines to get into the place around midnight (it's open until 5:00am). Of course, when there are people lining up to get into a place, there's usually a very good reason for that!

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