Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Go on a Nature Adventure in Miami with Ecoadventure Tours

Oleta River Canoe Trip (photo courtesy of EcoAdventures)
When you get bored of laying on the beach in Miami and are looking for a little more daytime action, there's nothing better than going on an EcoAdventure.

Whether it's snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, camping, fishing or bicycling, there is definitely a fantastic day of fun waiting for you in the Miami area. Hosted at several state park locations, Miami-Dade Parks provides various immersive tours of the Everglades, marsh wetlands, rivers and reefs in the South Florida area.

For those who want to see the region's amazing underwater life, the Key Biscayne Sea Kayak & Snorkel Adventure is a tour not to be missed. Paddle through the pristine, shallow waters of Key Biscayne on your way to Bear Cut Preserve. At the reserve, you'll put on the provided snorkel and fins and begin your underwater adventure, seeing a variety of beautiful tropical fish, rays, starfish and maybe even an eel, puffer fish or even a small shark or two!

If you've done the Biscayne trip and are looking for more, there's also another canoe and snorkel adventure of Indian Key that you can choose to go on. No matter which boating/snorkeling adventure you choose, your tour guide will point out all sorts of wildlife and facts and even if you have no experience with snorkeling or kayaking, he'll show you how to do that, too!

If snorkeling isn't your thing, there are plenty of canoe and kayak adventures to choose from. On the Oleta River Canoe Tour, you'll see all sorts of waterfowl - ibis, herons, egrets, ospreys - as you make your way down the Oleta River, which is covered by a canopy of tropical hardwood trees. Kayaking and canoeing excursions are also available for Key Biscayne, Biscayne Bay, Coral Gables Waterway, Matheson Bay and Chicken Key. There's even a wonderful Sunset and Moonlight Kayak Adventure you can experience!

Bikers need not feel left out. The Everglades Pineland Bike & Hike cuts through trails of Long Pine Key where your guide will point out all kinds of Florida wildlife and unique flora. The Redlands Historic Bike Tour takes you through the Redland Agricultural District where tomatoes and strawberries are grown, with stops at the Castellow citrus grove, Knaus Berry Farm and Redland Fruit and Spice Park, where you will have the opportunity to sample mouthwatering tropical fruits.

For those looking for a bit more rigorous trip, the Key Biscayne Bike Adventure is an 8 mile guided journey that takes you through a variety of places to experience the wildlife and tropical vegetation while you learn a bit of history about the area. Stops at Bear Cut Preserve, Crandon Marina, the Crandon Gardens and the Village of Key Biscayne are included in the bike trip. A 15 mile bike adventure through the Florida Everglades is also a very popular trip for those who can handle an even longer bike journey.

The Miami-Dade Parks program features several other adventures to choose from. Glide through the Everglades by airboat and see alligators in their natural habitat along with all kinds of other Florida wildlife including a wide variety of birds.

For those that are more rugged at heart, tromp through the Fakahatchee Strand Swamp on a guided tour and see some of the rarest plants in Florida, including the Ghost Orchid, made famous by the book, The Orchid Thief. While you may not see them, you almost always will encounter tracks made by Florida panthers, black bears or Florida minks. Your incredibly knowledgeable guide will point out all of the various wildlife as well as tell you about the history of the area, once known as a logging town.

For more information about some of the other excursions offered, including fishing and camping expeditions as well as a bird watching tour, contact Florida-Dade Ecoadventures by phone at 305-365-3018 or visit their website. You haven't really experienced Florida until you've been on one or more of these tours!

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