Thursday, October 2, 2014

North Miami's Luna Star Cafe - Not Your Typical Restaurant and Bar!

Luna Star Cafe (photo courtesy of Luna Star Cafe website)
Bored with the South Beach club scene? Looking for a place totally different than your typical neighborhood bar? Well, head to Luna Star Cafe in North Miami and you won't be disappointed!

Luna Star Cafe definitely has a Bohemian vibe. Subdued lighting and local art on the walls set the tone and draw a very eclectic mix of free spirited people who care more about good conversation than they do with adhering to dress codes. If people watching, lively conversation and folksy music is your thing, this is definitely your kind of place!

A cafe and coffee shop by day, Luna Star Cafe turns into an acoustic club at night and they take their entertainment seriously here. As the sign on the door warns, you'll be asked to keep quiet if you try to carry on a loud conversation while a performance is going on. Although most of the talent is local, you never know when someone of more national renown is going to show up and let loose. You'll hear blues, folk, jazz and bluegrass and their open mic nights bring out some real creativity - story telling, poetry, comedy - anything goes!

Although Luna Star does not have a full bar and they certainly don't serve anything mainstream like Budweiser, Miller, Coors or Heineken, they do have a very impressive list of beers from all over the world (I stopped counting at 100). They have more than 20 different types of wine and even carry about a half dozen different ciders and mead, too.

Although the menu is small, all of the food is fresh and really quite good. There's something to suit everybody here and like the entire place, everything is prepared with a unique flair. There are plenty of vegan dishes, burgers, pizza, salads, panini, pasta and even crab cakes. Although not cheap, nothing is ultra expensive either.

Luna Star cafe does not accept any credit cards and there is usually a cover charge from $5 to $10 to pay the musicians, so make sure you bring cash. Don't be surprised if someone you don't know wants to strike up a conversation - especially the owner, Alexis, who is very inviting and eager to meet anyone new that comes through her doors. No pretensions, no rules - dress however you like!

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